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A Halloween-themed treat returns from the great beyond. Get ready to sink your fangs into these tasty munchies just in time for our favorite time of the year.

Love them or hate them, Peeps are always around for different holidays, seasons, or celebrations. Last year though, there weren’t any of the Halloween-themed marshmallow treats on the shelves of Tampa Bay stores. Seems as though the makers of Peeps decided to skip Halloween because of the pandemic.

Well Peeps fans, it’s time to rejoice! They are back with Halloween-related treats shaped like ghosts, black cats, pumpkins, skulls, and monsters! Peeps are gluten-and-fat-free sweets come in three-packs or six-packs. Now you can sink your teeth into these fluffy marshmallow delights or maybe express your Peeps creativity and put them in a recipe!

[SOURCE News Channel 8]


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