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Reverse vending machines are coming to USF in Tampa and St. Pete. Coca-Cola hopes these machines will encourage recycling and help the campus food pantry.

A normal vending machine dispenses a product. Now when we saw this story about a reverse vending machine, we were curious. With this machine, you put in a plastic bottle or aluminum can for recycling. OK now you’re probably saying what makes this different from an ordinary recycling bin? Well, for each can or bottle Coca-Cola will donate 5 cents. In USF’s case it’s the Feed-A-Bull Food Pantry.

The reverse vending machine is part of Coke’s “World Without Waste” initiative where the company collects and recycles every bottle or can it sells globally by 2030.

Coca-Cola and USF are looking to put six of these machines on their campuses in Tampa and St. Pete. The plan is in the final graphic design stage with a roll out either later this year or by Spring 2022. USF Tampa will get four while USF St. Pete will get two. The university expects to get a donation of up to $5000 for the food pantry through the use of these vending machines.



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