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Guess what this Florida Woman used her MINI Cooper to move. We’re thinking that she didn’t want to pay for a U-Haul to get this item home!

The things you see on Florida’s roads never cease to amaze us. Now we will admit that we have overloaded our car leaving the home improvement store but this blows that away!

Earlier this week on the Estero Community Bridge, a Florida woman was caught using her MINI Cooper as a moving truck…to haul a full-sized couch! Convertible top down, hand on the couch, and no straps!

Check out the video:

Ya think she should have just rented a U-Haul?

FHP saw this video and they were obviously no pleased. “It’s a horrible idea,” said Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Greg Bueno. “The couch itself is bigger than the MINI Cooper.” If FHP catches someone doing this, the driver could receive a citation.

What’s next for this Florida Woman? Towing a travel trailer?


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