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A Tampa Bay boy is competing in American Ninja Warrior Junior despite being blind in one eye. This 12 year-old beat the odds to make it on the show.

When Bray Weinacker of Auburndale was five years-old, his life changed. While at a friend’s house, he was hit in the right eye with a bungee cord. The accident left the boy blind in that eye. Bray underwent multiple surgeries to repair his eyelid and insert an artificial lens in damaged eye.

Despite being blind in his right eye, Bray never gave up. It took him three years to re-learn how to catch a ball. “You can do anything you want if you just put dedication and time into it,” said Bray.

He is now 12 years-old and made it all the way to the American Ninja Warrior Junior quarterfinals. If you have never seen the show, the contestants run, climb, jump, and even fly from obstacle to obstacle. They are truly modern day ninjas! Bray didn’t let his blindness stop him. Not only does he have the strength and agility, he has the determination. “Depth perception is hard, like catching bars, flying long distances but the hardest things are little, tiny details you have to hook on both sides,” Bray said.

You can see this Tampa Bay athlete on Peacock’s American Ninja Warrior Junior season three, episode four. Bray has the focus and will to win it all!

Go Bray!!

[SOURCE ABC Action News]


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