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Meet Astro: your new robot dog from Amazon! You’ll be the talk of the dog park when you stroll in with this mechanical mutt.

Man and woman’s best friend is getting an upgrade if you believe Amazon. The company recently unveiled Astro, a household robot for home monitoring. This digital pup is a cross between a watchdog and personal assistant. It will watch your house while you are away or remind you that you have an appointment.

Astro is Alexa-equipped and will learn the layout of your house. It will even follow you around just like a real dog or hang out nearby waiting for you to call. The mechanical mutt stands about 17 inches high and weighs about 20 pounds. It even feeds itself. When charge is low, it will go to the docking station and top off the battery. At least you don’t have to take this robot dog out for a walk!

One downside of having Astro is that it can’t go up or down stairs.

Astro, the robot dog from Amazon, costs $999 and should be shipping later this year.

[SOURCE Fox 13]

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