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Fly through Tampa Airport this holiday with new express lanes. Have your ticket on your phone? Have your carry-on luggage? That’s all you need to use the new TPA curbside express lanes opening in time for the holidays. TIA says the new lanes should be ready for Thanksgiving travel.

They’ll have 4 new lanes for arrivals, and 4 new lanes for departures. Fun fact: Most TPA passengers don’t check their bags. And remember on most “full flights” airlines often announce at gate that you “may check your bags at no charge here at the gate”. They do it to avoid delays in finding overhead space and even arguments while boarding. Saves me $60 to $100 bucks every time I fly.

Heads up. The express lanes are on the BLUE side. Happy express curbside flying!

Source: TB Business Journal

10 Places You Can Fly To From Tampa For Under $500 in October

The holidays are pricy, but you can score some great deals right now if you want to get out of the Florida heat in October! October is a great time to get away because those cooler temperatures we’re waiting for usually don’t show up until November.

* based on roundtrip airfare pulled on September 7, 2021, departing from Tampa International Airport

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