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A 74-year old Florida woman fought an alligator to save her dog. How she reacted to rescue her pup from the mouth of a monster will amaze you!

While walking her dog Nalu at Burt Aaronson Park in Boca Raton, Suzan Marciano decided to play fetch. She took the leash off her dog and threw a stick in the lake for Nalu to retrieve.

After a few minutes, Suzan noticed a dark shadow and two eyes moving in the water towards them. Seconds later an alligator emerged and grabbed her dog! Suzan immediately jumped in to save Nalu. “I did the only thing I could do. I came down on the alligator with all my weight,” said Marciano.

The gator let go of Nalu. However it wasn’t finished. It sunk it’s teeth into Suzan’s hand!

Thankfully the alligator quickly let go and disappeared allowing Suzan to get out of the water. She went to an urgent care canter and received five stitches in her hand. Nalu needed more medical care. The dog underwent emergency surgery to fix the puncture wounds she received from the gator. Both are now making full recoveries from the attack.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has been unable to locate the alligator.

[SOURCE Local 10/Palm Beach Post]

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