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A Florida dog was reunited with its owner after being lost for almost a year. How this pup got back home makes you wonder if it was luck or fate!

Sparky was always by Lisa Raulerson’s side. For a small dog, Sparky had a huge personality. He is in almost every picture in the Raulerson photo album. “My husband passed away 11 years ago and he was with us through all that, so he’s been a big part of our family,” Raulerson said.

On a rainy October day last year, Lisa accidentally forgot to close the gate at her Florida home. The 15 year old Sparky snuck out and it took a while for the family to realize their dog was gone. “We looked for a week or two just straight looking for him,” Raulerson said.

The Raulersons put up flyers all over the neighborhood and offered a reward for their lost pup. After a while they gave up on reuniting with Sparky. “We pretty much figured he passed away,” Raulerson said. “It was sad because he was part of us and we talked about him everyday.

Nearly a year later, Lisa was scrolling through Facebook when a post caught her eye. Even though the dog in the photo was dirty and matted, she knew it was Sparky! Lisa came to find out that Sparky was picked up as a stray and Sunshine State Westie Rescue pulled him out of a shelter before he was about to be euthanized.

Lisa picked up Sparky last weekend and he is now back home. He had been gone for 11 months. “I feel like a void in my heart was filled I really do. I never thought I’d see him again but here he is. I wish he could talk,” Raulerson said.


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