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A Florida Man series is coming to Netflix except there’s one big problem with it. We’re hoping that Floridians can look past this glaring issue.

It was just a matter of time until Florida Man hit television. Netflix has started production of the series. Now instead of highlighting all the wild and bizarre things that Florida men (and sometimes women) get into on the news, this series follows an ex-cop who returns to his home state to find a Philadelphia mobster’s runaway girlfriend.

OK, we can go along with the premise of the show which is scheduled to debut sometime in 2022. The problem, as we see it, is that this Netflix series is filming its episodes in….Wilmington, North Carolina!!

So let’s get this straight: A show called Florida Man is being filmed in North Carolina. Yeah, that makes sense!

We’ll give the show a chance. Our fingers are crossed hoping that it’s good and maybe we can get over the fact they didn’t film it in the Sunshine State.

[SOURCE News 6]

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