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A Florida bowler rolled two perfect games in a row and now plans to go pro. He is keeping his eyes on the prize and ready to become the next Kingpin of bowling.

This wasn’t an ordinary day at the bowling alley. When Seth Phillips started his game at Manatee Lanes in Crystal River, little did he know he would beat the odds.

We’re talking lottery jackpot-like odds. Odds like 62 million to one!

Bowling one perfect game isn’t easy. Two perfect games in a row is near unachievable…that is until Seth did it! “I actually shot my first and second-ever 300-shot back to back, so 24 strikes in a row,” he shared.

Seth has been bowling seriously for only three years. This 21 year old is keeping his eyes on the prize. “Trying to just do the best I can, improve my score, improve my game every way I can, just so that I can hopefully one day make it out there on tour, show these professionals what I got,” he shared.

This Florida bowler is looking to strike it big. We’re hope to see him soon on the Professional Bowlers Association tour!

[SOURCE Fox 13]

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