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These Florida firefighters went to new lengths to save a horse that got stuck. They needed some heavy duty help to get this horse out of a hole.

Time and time again, firefighters will try anything and everything to save a life, whether it human or animal. When Palm Beach Fire Rescue got the call about a horse stuck in a well, they would have to think outside of the box.

Seems that this Florida filly got its hind legs stuck in the ground. The firefighters knew that it would take more than the manpower they had on hand. They needed some horsepower! A class “D” wrecker was called to the scene, harnesses were placed on the horse, and they let the wrecker’s crane do the heavy lifting.

Check out the rescue:

Florida firefighters rescue horse stuck in well | Crews rescue horse stuck in Lake Worth well

A horse had to be rescued over the weekend in Lake Worth.The horse got stuck in a well on Sea Chase Drive and couldn't get out on its own.Firefighters with P...

No word on how the horse got stuck or if it sustained any injuries.

[SOURCE Fox 13/WESH 2]

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