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Who hasn’t driven into a swarm of them and then tried to get them off your car! Here’s everything you need to know about lovebugs in Florida.

It’s that time of year again. No we’re not talking about football season. Lovebug season is upon us in Florida. They are everywhere and yes they can be annoying especially when the front of y0ur car is sporting grille full of them. We were curious and decided to delve deeper into the deal about lovebugs.

Lovebugs (known as “plecia nearctica“) came from Central America and were first seen in the U.S. in the 1920’s. They eventually made it to Florida in the 1940’s. That’s right, they are real insects, not some laboratory experiment from the University of Florida designed to eat mosquitoes. Some people actually believe that.

Their diet consists of nectar from flowers and other plants so they actually help the environment. Sorry, mosquitoes are not on their menu! Lovebugs are prevalent because it seems that predators don’t find them appetizing.

A lovebug’s lifespan is only three or four days! When you see them stuck together, they are mating. FYI their mating season is May and September and lasts four weeks each time. Lovebugs are more active when the temperatures are over 84 degrees between the hours of 10AM and 6PM. Eggs are laid on the ground in decaying material which newborn lovebugs will feed on after they hatch.

Now to answer the question on everyone’s mind: How do you get them off of your car? The answer: dryer sheets!

[SOURCE ABC Action News]

Hopefully there won’t be swarms of lovebugs at these shows!

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