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So, this happened over the weekend…10 minutes into the first quarter of the Miami Hurricane game at Hard Rock Stadium..a cat was dangling from a cable by it’s front paws.

and then it fell.

Just below the cat,  a group of fans were holding out an American flag as a sort of net, which softened the cat’s fall enough for a student to grab it and hold it up triumphantly to show that it had survived. The fans cheered.

The college football game was between  Miami Hurricanes and Appalachian State Mountaineers.

The Miami Herald tracked down the owner of the American flag, a University of Miami facilities manager named Craig Cromer, who told the paper that he and his wife Kimberly bring the flag to every game to hang over the railing in front of their seats.

When they saw the cat dangling, he tore the flag off its zip ties, and stretched it out and waited for the cat to fall.

There was no word on exactly why a cat was in attendance at the game, or how it slipped over the edge of the upper deck.