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Satellite Beach Shark Gnarly Surf. Kid keeps his cool. Family had some fun making extra dramatic video 😉 See video below. And, try not to scream!

Sources say happened Saturday, September 11th, 2021. It was the Gnarly Charley Surf Contest over at Satellite Beach.
We’ve seen sharks in the surf quite a bit. Everyone tenses up just a little more when they get within a board’s length or two.

We’ve seen sharks in waves like this a bunch, also had big one swim under us a couple times. Still, you want the kids,(often called chikin nuggets by sharks) on the beach. ASAP.

Credit to event organizer who quickly sounded the proper alarms, and also to the cool kid (Tanner) who stayed focused and calm gettin to the beach.  Think his dad was the one who made super dramatic fun video. And, get this – Tanner placed first in the surfing contest.

Kid Saves Himself From Shark Attack | Satellite Beach Florida

WARNING*: this video has been dramatized for the enjoyment of the young surfers involved :)Shark sighting during the Gnarly Charley Grom Surf contest in Sat...



Source:FloridaSurfers on FB   “*WARNING*: this video has been dramatized for the enjoyment of the young surfer involved :)”

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