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Get scared and be paid for it? Sign us up! Two companies believe that they can put a price on fear and want some people to help them prove it!

Halloween is a little over a month away (hard to believe, huh!) and fitting with the season, two companies are looking to pay people to watch scary movies. That’s right, you could get paid while your pulse reaches high levels to horror movies!

FinanceBuzz is looking to hire a “Horror Movie Heart Rate Analyst.” All you have to do is watch 13 scary movies while you wear a Fitbit to earn $1300. How’s that for a cool side hustle?

Here are the movies they want you to watch while your heart beat goes into triple digits:

  1. “Saw”
  2. “Amityville Horror”
  3. “A Quiet Place”
  4. “A Quiet Place Part 2”
  5. “Candyman”
  6. “Insidious”
  7. “The Blair Witch Project”
  8. “Sinister”
  9. “Get Out”
  10. “The Purge”
  11. “Halloween” (2018)
  12. “Paranormal Activity”
  13. “Annabelle”

DISH Network is the other place where you can be a frightened couch potato! They are giving you the opportunity to watch 13 Stephen King classics and get paid $1300 (we’re sensing a pattern here!). Not only will you get a Fitbit to monitor your vitals, but DISH is throwing in  a blanket, popcorn, candy and some Stephen King merchandise to enhance your horror experience! These are the movies that will get you paid:

  1. “Carrie” (original or 2013 remake)
  2. “Children of the Corn”
  3. “Christine”
  4. “Creepshow”
  5. “Cujo”
  6. “It” (original or 2017 remake)
  7. “It: Chapter Two”
  8. “Misery”
  9. “The Mist”
  10. “Pet Sematary” (original or 2019 remake)
  11. “Salem’s Lot”
  12. “The Shining”
  13. “Doctor Sleep”

Which one to apply to? Tough choice! Both are great for different reasons. Either way, if you get it, now you can say that you got paid to watch scary movies!

[SOURCE News Channel 8]

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