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8-year-old kid from St. Pete honored as Eco-Hero. What in the world were the rest of us doing when we were 8? His name is Miles Fetherston-Resch. Miles was honored as one of 25 environmental activists on the planet by the AFN (Action For Nature) as an Eco-Hero. They honor kids age 8 to 18 who take on environmental problems head on.

When he was only 6, Miles found out about ocean pollution, and started with the $13 bucks in his piggy bank to save the sharks! Then he founded “Kids Saving Oceans” and donates all his profits for conservation. Kids Saving Oceans sells ocean themed clothes and accessories. You know, the cool stuff. Made form recycled and sustainable materials of course. What a kid!

His goal is to raise $1,000,000 by the time he is 18.

To read more about Miles’ work, visit

To learn more about this year’s International Young Eco-Hero Award winners, visit

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