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Top 10 car repairs you can do yourself. I know, I know, my wife does most of the automobile work around our house. Well. She’s better at it. Haaa. But, no. Really! She is.

I can change oil, and headlights, and have even adjusted a clutch or two. She does it in half the time, and with all the right parts (unlike me). Today’s car prices are out of control. In part because of the big computer chip shortage. some experts think that problem will be around another year or two BTW.  No better way to save then DIYS, right? A recent poll asked people what type of car repairs they can do themselves.  Check out the top ten things people say they’ve tackled without a mechanic . . .

1.  Install new windshield wipers.  36% of Americans have done it before.

2.  Add more wiper fluid, 34%.

3.  Change your own oil?  28% of Americans have done it themselves.

4.  Install a new battery, 27%.

5.  Change your air filter, 26%.

6.  Change a tire, 21%.

7.  Replace a headlight, 21%.

8.  Replace a spark plug, 15%.

9.  Change a fuse, 14%.

10.  Replace a side mirror.  Only 6% have done that one.

Source: (YouGov)

 4 Tips For Saving Money At The Pump

Gas Buddy released their annual Pump Habits Study and found that nearly a third of Americans care more now about saving money on gas than before the start of the pandemic. Here are four great tips for saving money at the pump.

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