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Tampa among best US cities for drivers in 2021? Surprised? Perhaps you won’t be once you see this list.

If you live anywhere near the Tampa area, you’re probably saying that there’s something wrong with this. No, the number-crunchers at aren’t going crazy. This is just what the numbers came to show.

The party animals at Wallethub broke down these four categories in which to rank the cities.

  • Cost of Ownership & Maintenance
  • Traffic & Infrastructure
  • Safety
  • Access to Vehicles & Maintenance

Then, they took each category and broke it down even further to complete their scoring system. For example, the category of ‘Cost of Ownership & Maintenance’ includes details such as the cost of a new car, average gas prices, maintenance costs and average insurance premium. You can click here to visit and find the full methodology, but we won’t bore you with it here.

Here are the results they found that make Tampa one of the best cities in the U.S. in which to drive for 2021.

The WORST cities to drive in turned out to be: New York, NY; Philadelphia, PA; San Francisco, CA; Detroit, MI; and the worst city to drive in, Oakland, CA.

How did Florida cities rank? Tampa was ranked #9 overall out of 100 U.S. cities. Here’s the full top 10:

  • 10: Austin, Texas

    Their motto is ‘Keep Austin Weird,’ but their streets made it into the top 10.

  • 9: Tampa, Florida

    Yes, you’re thinking about how bad traffic is in Tampa, but the rankings looked further than that. Tampa ranked #3 in Access to “Vehicles & Maintenance.”

  • 8: Scottsdale, Arizona

    Scottsdale ranked #4 in “Traffic & Infrastructure.”

  • 7: Jacksonville, Florida

    Jacksonville ranked #2 in “Cost of Ownership & Maintenance.”

  • 6: Boise, Idaho

    Boise ranked #9 in “Safety.”

  • 5: Corpus Christi, Texas

    Corpus Christi ranked #5 in “Traffic & Infrastructure.”

  • 4: Winston-Salem, North Carolina

    Winston-Salem ranked #3 in “Cost of Ownership & Maintenance.”

  • 3: Greensboro, North Carolina

    #1 in “Cost of Ownership & Maintenance”

  • 2: Lincoln, Nebraska

    #6 in “Cost of Ownership & Maintenance” and #12 in “Safety.”

  • 1: Raleigh, North Carolina

    #4 in “Cost of Ownership & Maintenance” and #6 in “Safety”

Some of Our Favorite Places Around Tampa Bay

Here are some of our favorite places to visit within the city limits. Might also be good places to take your out of town guests, too!

Tweet us @995QYK and tell us some of your favorite spots to visit in Tampa?


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