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A Florida alligator gets smoked after having a snack. Little did this reptile know that what he ate would cause some gastric distress!

While flying his drone around the Florida Everglades, little did it’s owner know that the alligator he was hovering over was looking to make the flying machine a snack.

The gator was the the pinnacle of patience and waited for the right time to grab the drone. After a minute of munching on the miniature flying machine, smoke began to emerge from the alligator’s mouth. It looks like the gator’s teeth pierced the drone’s battery and caused a literal fire in the alligator’s belly! We’re not sure if the onlookers offered the gator any anti-acid tablets to extinguish the reptile’s fire-in-the-belly.

Only in Florida where alligators eat drones!

Check out the pics here.


Not Only Do Alligators Love Drones, They Love Golf Courses Too!

Gators and the golf course go hand in hand like burgers and fries. Just to be safe, especially in Florida, always assume there is a gator or a croc in any body of water.