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Tampa Bay Bucs oldest team in the NFL. This is a fun fact that might win you a trivia contest someday.

There’s certainly a youth movement in the NFL, with many of the game’s biggest stars still younger than 25 years old. But, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are coming off an epic Super Bowl run last season, and they enter the 2021 season with the highest average age per player of any roster in the league.

Yes, the defending champs are the oldest team in the NFL this year. According to USA Today, the average Bucs player is 27.018 years old.

The likes of Tom Brady, of course, who is 44 years old, and Steve McLendon, who is 35 years old, help skew that number on the high end to the oldest team in the NFL. We’ll take it! GO BUCS!

The youngest team in the league is the New York Jets with an average age of 25.132.


Might be the oldest team in the NFL, but they know how to celebrate a championship!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Victory Parade


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