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A closed Tampa cigar factory is getting a makeover. The new owners of this historic building plan on restoring it as well as its iconic clock tower.

When Wine Stream was looking for a building to expand their operations, they wanted a place that was different than your standard office warehouse. “We wanted to have some type of historic building connected with our brand and our company,” said Ted Boscaino VP of Wine Stream.

They came upon the Y. Pendas y Alvarez Cigar Factory on Albany Avenue in West Tampa which has been closed for decades. The building checked all the boxes. “We came across this building and said, ‘Bingo. This is the perfect place to expand what we do,” said Boscaino.

Wine Stream imports wine from Italy, puts it in kegs, and sells it to restaurants all over Florida. If you’ve had wine from a tap at a restaurant, it probably was from Wine Stream!

The company plans to use all of this historic building from the basement to the clock tower! They will use the basement as a warehouse for their kegs of wine with the other floors being used for a wine bar, restaurant, Italian market and offices. Wine Stream plans on putting $3 million in renovations when it’s done.

Not only are they bringing new life into this cigar factory but to the West Tampa community as well.

Currently plans are to open to the public in January. We look forward to hearing the clock tower ringing again!

[SOURCE Creative Loafing/54 Real Estate/Fox 13/Wine Stream]


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