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A new Labor Day poll finds 51 million Americans will travel over Labor Day weekend. CDC asking unvaccinated not to travel but anticipates many will ignore their advice. Adding 1 in 6 say they won’t mask up at all during trips.

Here are a few more quick stats about Labor Day travel plans . . .

1.  At least 29 million people HAVE cancelled their travel plans because of the Delta variant.  That’s around 11% of Americans.

2.  38% of people traveling this weekend will go to another state.  Florida is the top destination, followed by California and New York.

3.  70% of people will drive, and 23% will fly.

4.  44% will stay in a hotel . . . 37% will stay with family or friends . . . and 10% have a vacation rental like Airbnb.  Another 9% said somewhere else, like camping.

Source: ValuePenguin

Five Tips On What & How To Pack

Getting everything you need into a small carry-on or a duffel can take some skill to maximize the space. It can also be very rewarding and a time-saver to get everything in one bag, too. Less chance of your baggage being lost if you have to check it, you don’t have to pick up your luggage at the baggage carousel, and you can brag to your friends who had three big bags that you have everything you need in your carryon luggage.

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