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Tampa man spends his lunch break giving to health care heroes. He goes by “Patrick The Giver”, and he is, a giver.

We love this dude! In 2020, he delivered over 700 meals to front line workers. Now, he wants to “take it up a notch”.  Goal is over 2,021 for 2021.

He has some help working with the Lighthouse Foundation, and some heavy hitters like Buffalo Wild Wings, Arby’s, and Dunkin donuts. Patrick The Giver has been hand delivering food in his own car to hospital workers twice a week on his lunch break.  His name is Patrick Rhodes, I’m just gonna call him Superman. What a hero.

Patrick The giver says, “I’m just trying to make a change in someone’s life.”

Source NewsChannel8

Tampa Lights Up In Blue To Thank First Responders And Health Care Workers


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