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This Tampa Bay veteran looks great for 76. She still stands proud and is a testament to our greatest generation and beyond. 

In downtown Tampa, there is a piece of history that is part of the fabric of Tampa Bay and America. Docked behind the Florida Aquarium, the SS American Victory is more than a museum. She not only represents the men and women who built her over 76 years ago but those who sailed on her during her long time in service.

Built in 1945 in only 55 days, the SS American Victory served proudly in three wars (World War 2, Korea, and Vietnam) delivering cargo all around the world. She became a museum ship in 1999 and is part of the National Register of Historic Places. The SS American Victory is one of three remaining fully-operational ships in her class of the 534 built.

Tourists can relive and touch a piece history as they explore the inner workings of this maritime veteran. Did you know that local law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and the military use the SS American Victory for training? She still serves after over seven decades.

Every five years, the SS American Victory gets maintenance done on her. This is one of those years. Rust will be scraped off, new paint, and other things that ships need, especially after all these years. We know when SS American Victory comes out of her maintenance cycle, this veteran will be more beautiful than ever and a proud part of Tampa Bay!

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