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This Florida Man went to new lengths to satisfy his hunger for a sweet snack. You’ll never guess what he did when he entered this Tampa Bay gas station!

OK, We admit that when we’re hungry, we will go to extremes to quiet the belly rumbles.

But we’ve never done what this Florida Man did to ease his hunger!

Erick Minto of Clearwater walked into the WaWa on Walsingham Road asking for free food. When the employee said “no”, this Florida Man changed his tone. Minto pulled out a knife, opened it, and threatened the WaWa employee.

“Don’t make me do something stupid for a Snickers bar,” Pinellas County Sheriffs deputies said Minto told the victim.

The WaWa employee complied and gave Minto the Snickers bar. Minto then left the store but the Snickers bar remained on the counter.

Minto denied threatening the clerk, saying that he was trying to trade the knife for the Snickers bar. He is currently being held on bond at the Pinellas County jail.


[SOURCE News Channel 8]

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