Have you ever tried grocery delivery? Here is my review of the Tampa Kroger grocery delivery service!

I had heard from a friend that I needed to try the Kroger grocery delivery service. My friend has a newborn baby the last thing she and her husband have time to do is go to the grocery store.

Kroger just expanded into the Tampa Bay area for their grocery delivery. They do not have any stores locally, just the delivery service.

I am a single girl so I just have to shop for myself. What do I need a grocery delivery service for? Plus, I love the act of writing out a list and going grocery shopping. Comparing prices and finding new items to try is fun for me. I had a part-time job working at a local grocery store when I was a teenager, and I would work at one again! It’s so fun.

However, talking to my friends with kids I know how unfun it can be. For instance, kids constantly grabbing things to put in the cart, running all over the store, whining because they want a certain treat, or just because they want to go home. I sympathize with parents.

So, I downloaded the Kroger app and signed up for a free account. Then I started to look at the prices. They seem much lower than other grocery delivery services and you can clip digital coupons. I started to add items to my cart. From frozen salmon fillets (5 for $12.99 on sale) to peanut butter and fresh fruits and veggies. They had almost everything I was looking for and more! I have been having trouble finding my protein drinks at others stores and they had them!

Here is what I had in my cart:

  • Celery
  • Fresh Green Beans
  • Green Onions
  • Roma Tomatoes
  • Bananas
  • Avocado
  • Kroger Natural Gluten Free Crunchy Peanut Butter
  • Kroger Wild Caught Boneless Skinless Pink Salmon Filets Family Size
  • Life Cuisine Buffalo Style Cauliflower Bites
  • Life Cuisine Korean Style BBQ Beef Bowl Frozen Meal
  • Life Cuisine Pepperoni Frozen Cauliflower Pizza
  • Nature’s Own Sugar-Free 100% Whole Grain Bread
  • Oikos Triple Zero Cherry Blended Nonfat Greek Yogurt
  • Activia Black Cherry yogurt
  • Pure Protein Vanilla Milkshake Complete Protein Shakes
  • Simple Truth Organic 90 Second GArlic Flavored 100% Whole Grain Brown Rice & Quinoa
  • Simple Truth Plant Based Mayo Spread
  • truRoots Quick Cook Spanish Style Quonia Brown Rice and Red Bean Blend

The total for my cart was $61.76. The Delivery fee is $9.95.

There is a coupon in the app for $15 off your first three orders over $35. So the total I was charged was $56.70!

I rarely get out of a grocery store spending less than $80 a week! I am always tempted to buy things I don’t really need and items that are not really part of the healthy lifestyle I should be following. I can’t resist grabbing a bag of potato chips and french onion dip, which is not what I should be eating. I was curious to see what the fresh produce would be like, and so far so great! Super fresh and delicious!

If for some reason one of the items you have in your cart is unavailable you will receive a notification if there are substitutions or questions about your order.

When it was time for delivery, you can have them leave your groceries at your door without you being there or be there when they deliver. I chose to be there since I leave in a downtown condo. You also choose the day and time (one-hour window) for your delivery. Groceries are transported in refrigerated trucks, too! The delivery person contacted me to coordinate drop-off at my condo unit. They were so accommodating and nice! You aren’t asked to tip either, they don’t let you on the app. It says something like a smile is the only tip they ask for.

I will be choosing to have my grocery delivered by Kroger for the next two weeks as long as I have the coupon for $15 off my first three orders over $35. As of now, I am pretty sure I am going to signup for the Delivery Savings Pass! It costs $79 per year and is good for free delivery on orders over $35. You can also gift this to someone as well. Would make a great gift for a family with a new baby or holiday gift!

If you have a large family, you can order in bulk on the app and have items shipped to you, too.

All in all, this was a success. My hope is that it will help me save some money, stop overshopping and help stay on track and follow a healthy lifestyle.

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