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When I was a kid I never met a lunch I didn’t like. To be fair, mom never packed veggies. Veggies are #1 on the list of stuff kids won’t eat. Shocker!  3 out of 5 parents say they stress over school lunch.

Remind your kids their grandparents had to eat “government peanut butter” at school. They wont know what that means, but it sounds terrible when you use the word Government. Haaa. Here’s the Top 5, or Bottom 5 from the SWNS Survey.

1.  Vegetables.  83% of parents make sure veggies are in there.  But it’s the part of their lunch that they’re least likely to eat.

2.  Fruit.

3.  The main part of their meal.

4.  Salty snacks.

5.  Sweet snacks.

The poll also found parents spend an average of $390 extra on groceries PER CHILD during the school year.

Source: SWNS


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