Florida woman wins way more than she thought with a lottery ticket.

Wilma Todd from Jacksonville, Florida scratched off her CASHWORD Scratch-Off game ticket before she went into work. After scratching off the ticket she thought she was the lucky winner of $100,000. That is exciting, but not enough money to change your life where you can quit your job, so she went to work just like any other day.

Later that day after work she picked up her granddaughter who looked at the winning ticket and surprised her grandmother with her response. Turns out Todd overlooked a couple of zeros.

According to FOX 35 News, her granddaughter looked at the ticket and said, ‘Nana, you didn’t win $100,000 – you won $1 million!’

Wilma, who is 69 years young, now plans to retire after collecting the one-time lump sum of $780,000.

[Source: Fox 13/Fox 35 News]

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