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An Ex-NFL star left a Tampa Bay waitress an unexpected tip last night. We’ve found out that this isn’t the first time he has done this!

When you go out to a restaurant, it’s customary in the US to leave a 20% tip for good service. Well, this ex-NFL star went way above the 20% last night!

Chad Johnson, better known as Ochocinco, was one of the most electrifying NFL wide-receivers of the 21st Century. On the gridiron, he was as entertaining as he was unstoppable. It seems that Ochocinco is leaving his mark off the field as well.

After dining at Bahama Breeze in Brandon last night, Ochocinco left quite a hefty tip. The bill came to $45.95. He left the server a $1000 tip! That’s approximately a 2177% tip!

Since we originally posted this story in August of 2021, the Instagram post with the image of the bill has been taken down.

It looks like Ochocinco makes a habit of dropping big tips. “It’s just something I always do, regardless of where I am, regardless of what restaurant or the service, I always take care of those who are serving me,” Johnson explained in June to the NY Post. Here is a bill and tip Ochocinco left in May of 2021, just a couple of months prior to the tip at Bahama Breeze in Brandon.

Ochocinco might have been #85 on the field but he is #1 in the hearts of servers across the country!

[SOURCE Wild 94.1/NY Post/@qcmedia_]


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