Garth Brooks played to a packed crowd at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City on Saturday (8/7) with a surprise opener, Martina McBride, who opened for Garth during his first heading tour.

Garth exclaimed after the show in reply to a tweet by Patrick Mahomes’ mom, Randi, who shared a photo of Garth and a young Patrick earlier in the day, tagging the Chiefs’ quarterback, “How lucky you and The Chiefs are to get to play for that crowd every time you enter that stadium!! What I saw tonight was the true definition of home-field advantage. What a privilege, what an honor, what a blast that was!!”


Garth shared a ritual of him and his band saying, “You know, we do the handshake every night before we go out, the band and I. I say, ‘Look, man – whatever you got going on at home…whatever you got going on in your life…leave it outside these walls because for the next two hours there’s nothing you can do about it,’ right? ‘Let’s go out…let’s have fun…let’s enjoy ourselves.’ I think the crowd is getting that speech as well. You can see it in their faces!”

He added, “It’s got nothing to do with Garth Brooks. It’s got something to do with us being back where we belong, and that’s with each other. It’s made that two hours with those people – it’s made it fantastic! It really has.”

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