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Few things are better than ice cream to get us through our hot and humid summers. Where can you find the best ice cream in Tampa Bay?

You can always pick up a pint of ice cream, or in our case a half-gallon, at the supermarket. But when you want the tried-and-true scoop and a waffle cone, here are the Top Five places where Tampa Bay goes to get everyone’s favorite frozen treat, according to Yelp.

  1. Super Scoops, Treasure Island: “Very delicious ice cream!! I had the chocolate peanut butter one with a waffle cone… so many little mini peanut butter cups in it, it was fantastic!!” Katie S.
  2. Haze Ice Cream, Madeira Beach: “My friend and I went here for dessert tonight! It was unbelievable!! Salted caramel and chocolate chip peanut butter was perfection.” Lindsey D.
  3. Chill Bros, Tampa: “The Oreo vegan ice cream is delicious!! They have three vegan options which is great because most places don’t have any.” Dominique D.
  4. Jeremiah’s Italian Ice, Tampa: “Mind blowing! The only Italian ice I’d ever had was those hard frozen cups from the grocery store. Jeremiahs’ isn’t only soft but full of flavor. The lemon has real pieces of lemon rind, the banana has chunks of banana in it.” Savanna L.
  5. The Mint Fox Cookies & Ice Cream, Clearwater: “This place is heaven on earth for dessert! As soon as you walk in, it smells amazing! Here you can get your ice cream served on top of a warm cookie!” Chantel D.

There was such a great response last week to our best chicken wings in Tampa Bay blog, we’re going to be doing more “best of” posts in the future.


And just remember, these Tampa Bay ice cream places are voted on by Yelp users, not me! Did Yelp get it right? Take the poll and let us know!

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