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The Rays wrapped up with series with the Boston Red Sox last night (8/1) at Tropicana Field.  The game was seen nationwide on ESPN and Rays outfielder Brett Phillips used the opportunity to give the country a much-needed laugh! If you don’t remember Phillips, you must have forgotten about his heroics last year. Well, he was the MVP tonight and he didn’t even play. (Edit: well, he did… for about 10 minutes at the end!)

Phillips was mic’d up in the dugout.  He had a favor to ask teammate Nelson Cruz. You see, Brett’s mom was watching and he wanted to give mom a chance to see him play:

“Sunday Night Baseball. First time in 11 years, right? First time for me. And this is my hometown, ok? So with that being said, I talked to Coach and he said if we put up 15 runs or more, he’s going to get me in this game today. So I need you to focus and put about 7 to 10 RBI’s up for me so my mom… she’s watching back home. She can watch me play tonight.”


Photos from Seminole’s Brett Phillips game-ending hit that won Game 4 of the World Series for the Tampa Bay Rays

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