Olympic swimmer Caeleb Dressel has become a swimming star at the Tokyo Olympics winning five gold medals. Caeleb is also proud to be a “Florida Man!”

Usually when we talk about a “Florida Man” we end up embarrassed by their antics. This time we are amazed at this Florida Man’s accomplishments! Caeleb Dressel has become a force in the swimming pool grabbing five gold medals.

Caeleb also sports his Sunshine state pride with his Florida-inspired tattoos. “I am a proud Florida man.” Dressel told NBC correspondent Mary Carillo on the riverfront. “This state is wild and crazy, but I love it.”

University of Florida grad Caeleb doesn’t plan to leave Florida once he returns from Tokyo. “I was born in Florida, I’m going to end up dying in Florida,” Dressel said. “This is where my roots are.”

And we’re proud that you represented us so well at the Tokyo Olympics, Florida Man!

[SOURCE 6 South Florida]

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