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Feast on delicious custom-stuffed burgers the next time you’re in Downtown St. Petersburg. Toppings take a back seat to stuffing!

If you’ve lived in Tampa Bay for a while, you know that the restaurant scene in Downtown St. Pete has been giving gastronomic delight to all who frequent the myriad of creative establishments.  New and innovative restaurants are opening every month much to our satisfaction.

Have you ever built your own burger from scratch? The Job Site on Central Avenue makes your burger dreams come true. Going with the construction site décor, they take hand-crafted to a new level. Beef, chicken, veggie, or specialty meat is your base and you can let your culinary creativity go wild after that! Have you ever stuffed your burger with maple-infused cream cheese? You can at Job Site! If you’re not brave enough to build your own, they offer six delicious specialty burgers that will take you to flavor town!

After you create your custom-stuffed burger at The Job Site, you’ll never look at a burger the same way!


[SOURCE ABC Action News]



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