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Florida man tries to run on water to New York but his attempt to conquer the Atlantic Ocean in his homemade contraption came up quite short.

Is this guy a genius or just a Florida Man with a not-so-good idea?

Starting in St. Augustine, Reza Baluchi planned to make the trek to New York in his homemade “hydropod” which kind of looks like an oversized wheel stuffed with flotation devices! Baluchi ended up beached after a few miles in Flagler county after “complications” forced him to call off his trip. Seems that someone stole his essential safety and navigation equipment.

Baluchi said the main reason for his trip was not for New York pizza but to raise money for police and fire departments, the Coast Guard, and homeless people. In case you were wondering, this is Baluchi’s third attempt to use his hydropod.

Just in case you were wondering, this Florida man plans on setting sail in the near future.


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