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If you’re 8 years old. It’s like Champagne and Caviar. OK. Maybe not. But still, good stuff.  Schools are expecting to face shortages of a lot of things this school year. Including juice boxes and chicken tenders. So they’re cutting back the options on their menus.

The Wall Street Journal says schools are concerned because juice boxes, hamburger beef patties, and chicken tenders are among the items that are in short supply.  This is because of labor deficiencies and supply chain issues.

Other possible shortages:  Canned fruit, corn dogs, salsa, “Uncrustables” sandwiches, Italian salad dressing, and even the actual lunch TRAYS.

Suppliers are cutting back on their offerings, so schools are whittling down their menus.  A rep for one supplier said, quote, “We haven’t had a 100% head count school season in 15 months.  It’s going to blow the doors open.” That said, the USDA wants eight-year-olds to remain calm.  They’re working on easing pressures across the food supply chain.  And while there may be shortfalls, there aren’t any widespread concerns. Maybe Pizza and Peanut Butter Sandwiches every other day?

Source Wall Street Journal

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