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We now know who dropped the Stanley Cup.

Tampa Bay Lightning winger Pat Maroon (#14) called into his hometown sports radio station 101 ESPN in St. Louis and told them what happened and who dropped the Stanley Cup.

We knew this had to have been an accident, especially since it was raining like crazy after the boat parade.

If you remember, it was a picture-perfect Florida day during the Victory Boat Parade. Howevere, as it does in the summer, around 3p torrential rains blew in with lots of lightning and thunder.

Pat explained that he went to lift the Stanley Cup and when he went to do that he fell back with it and slipped. Someone helped him up and the cup went “back on its end”.

“It was a complete accident, and we both got hurt. My back has been hurt all day today. So, that’s what happened. Nothing crazy.”

He is right, too. Much worse has happened to the Stanley Cup in the past.

The Dent On The Stanley Cup Isn’t The Worst Damage It Has Been Through

Pat Maroon also explained that the accident happened in the family section, so someone in the inner circle let the photo of the damaged cup get out.

You can hear the audio clip from 101 ESPN St. Louis here.

This is the third Stanley Cup celebration in a row for Pat Maroon. He won it with his hometown, St. Louis Blues, in 2018-2019, and then back-to-back years with the Tampa Bay Lightning 2019-2020 & 2020-2021. This makes Maroon the fourth player in the NHL to win three straight Stanley Cups with two different teams. You may also remember Pat Maroon at last year’s Stanley Cup celebration where he showed up really embracing “Florida Man” style.

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