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Was gonna work out last night but “I was just too tired”. That’s the number 1 excuse people use. How about “I’m too hungry to work out.” Haaaa. That didn’t make the top 10, but it’s on the list too.

See if you can find your favorite excuse on the list below:

1.  “I’m too tired.”

2.  “It’s raining.”

3.  “It’s too cold.”  But somehow “It’s too hot” didn’t make the list.

4.  “I’m feeling sick.”

5.  “I just ate.”

6.  “It’s too late in the day.”  The poll found we tend to skip evening workouts the most.

7.  “I don’t have time.”

8.  “I’m sore.”

9.  “Exercise is boring.”

10.  “I left work too late.”

A few more that made the top 25 include:  “I’m too hungry”, “I’m hungover”, “I’m too stressed”, “I’ll work out tomorrow “, and “I exercised yesterday.”



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