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We all head about the dent that happened to the Stanley Cup after the boat parade on Monday…well….it’s not the worst damage to the cup. It’s been through a lot worse in the past.

  • Toronto Maple Leafs (1962) – During a celebration bonfire, someone got the bright idea to toss the Stanley Cup into the flames. Toronto had to pay to get the damage repaired.
  • New York Rangers (1941) – The Rangers’ win coincided with Madison Square Garden’s mortgage being paid off. To celebrate both, the financial documents were burned, and somehow the Stanley Cup got burned with it. While not confirmed, rumors say the players peed on the flames to put out the fire.
  • Toronto Maple Leafs (1964) – Many players have baptized their kids in the Cup. Red Kelly’s kid took a leak in it in the process.
  • Red Wings (2008) – Taking that to the next level, Kris Draper’s newborn daughter ended up taking a dump in it. Reportedly, Draper cleaned it, and then later drank out of it.
  • Dallas Stars (1999) – A party was held by Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul, where Guy Carbonneau decided to see if he could hit the pool with the Stanley Cup from the second floor. He couldn’t….opps.

So, see?  A little dent isn’t all that bad!  By the way, it’s in Montreal for repairs and be back to resume Cup celebrations this weekend!

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