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Tampa, Florida homeowners can now rent out their pool to make extra money thanks to a new app!

The app is called Swimmy. The gist is basically like Airbnb, but for pools.

When you visit the app you have two options, to list your pool or to rent your pool out.

After searching pools around Tampa Bay, there aren’t many listed yet. If you are looking north of Kissimmee you can rent a pool for as low as $15 per guest for half a day.

Hopefully, more pools in the Tampa Bay area will be listed in the coming months. Maybe even a swanky pool off of Bayshore Boulevard or on Davis Islands. Now that would be a party!

If you are looking to rent your pool you can choose which requests you accept, you can set your own price and you can do it on your schedule. Swimmy strongly advises homeowners to at least have proper homeowner insurance. However, according to their website, they also say all their bookings come with an integrated insurance policy which includes a $1.000.000 coverage for bodily injury as well as property damage.

It’s also probably a good idea to make sure this is acceptable under your HOA management guidelines.

Some of Our Favorite Places Around Tampa Bay

Here are some of our favorite places to visit within the city limits. Might also be good places to take your out-of-town guests, too!

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