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Everybody TikTok is goin crazy over “Snickles”!

Have you tried ’em? Whatta’ ya think?


Crazy. But – They’re GREAT! Haaaa. No. Really. I took these pics and shared some with impartial judge.

She said.  “Ew? What? No? Really? Gross? Ok. I’ll Try. Wow! That’s really not bad at all. Got another?”

A Snickle is a Snickers bar wrapped in a pickle. I improvised as you can see from my pics. Small bites may work in your and my favor! Haaaa.

Serving tip: Snickers Chilled and Pickles Ice Cold & Crunchy.

It’s not a totally new idea.  The Snickle also went viral in 2018, and Snickers even did a video about it.  You just cut a dill pickle in half . . . hollow out the inside with spoon . . . jam a Snickers in there . . . and enjoy.


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