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Florida‘s ranking of the most rude drivers in the US has been released.

We’re #3 ! Ok, not #1 is good, but, still bad.

It’s a survey of all 50 states on rude driving behaviors. “How rude are your drivers?” Of course, they covered bad driving and flat our rude behavior. Like on the Howard Frankland when that other driver thinks it’s NASCAR!

California is #1 in a ranking of the states with the RUDEST drivers. Nevada is #2.  And here we are in the FLA at #3.

Nevada’s drivers are the second-rudest, followed by those behind the wheel in Florida, Oregon, New Mexico, Tennessee, Washington, Arizona, Alaska, and Maryland.

And since you’re probably wondering, New York, ranked 29th. “Hey! I’m Walkin Here!”

Get all the ranking here on



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