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Party Kuch 2.0, Nikita Kucherov as we know him during the regular season, is out and ready to throw down at another victory boat parade.

The Tampa Bay Lightning right-winger sat down for a press conference after the game to talk about the season and the series and he didn’t hold back.

Usually a very focused and reserved player, Party Kuch is a different animal. We learned that last year after the Bolts won the Stanley Cup in The Bubble.

During the shirtless presser, he stood up for his goaltender not winning the Vezina Trophy, took on Montreal fans, and had a couple of beers, too.

After not playing at all during the regular season due to recovering from surgery Kuch said he had been holding it all inside.

He also revealed that Captain, Steven Stamkos is a really funny guy. “He is one of the best. You know, he’s so funny, too. He says something, I’m laughing. It’s not very funny, but I’m laughing. He’s funny to me. He’s got a good sense of humor”

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The press conference must have made an impression on the big wigs at Bud Light, because on July 9th they announced he has signed a contract with them.

Twitter, obviously had some fun with the press conference as well.


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