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A missing dog rings the doorbell when she returns home.

When Mary Lynn Whitacre‘s pup Rajah ran away after being startled by fireworks she posted on Facebook to get the word out. Little did she know that when Rajah would return home, the missing dog would simply ring the doorbell. The only thing, it was 3am.

Was it someone from their community returning their pup or a ding-dong dash? When they looked at their doorbell video it was Rajah all by herself returning home. What a smart and considerate pup! She was a bit disheveled, but home safe after a more than 8-hour adventure.

UPDATE: she’s safe at home now. Thank you so much for helping and sharing. We are so grateful and are so happy to have...

Posted by Mary Lynn Whitacre on Sunday, June 27, 2021

Runaway Puppy Surprises Family by Ringing Doorbell

A dog that ran away after being scared by fireworks returned home in the middle of the night, and woke his family up by ringing the doorbell. The 18-month ol...

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