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We’ve all been there, forgot to put on the sunblock and now you’re burned!

Found this on TikTok and thought we would share it with you….what a great idea.

@BeautyHacks, a TikTok account with like 700,000 followers, shared this awesome idea:  frozen aloe cubes.

All you have to do is fill an ice cube tray with the aloe vera gel of your choice and stick it in the freezer. Use a silicone tray if you can, just to make them easier to pop the frozen cubes out. Then just leave them in the freezer until you need that sweet relief.

Aloe on its own is a top anti-inflammatory agent, that’s why it’s in so many after-sun products. But when you combine it with an ice-cold temperature, it reduces inflammation even more!

Source: Well and Good

Actually….there is a TON of great ideas on this TikTok account!  Check it out


It’s almost summer🌞 Start prepping with this handy tip 🧴LIFE SAVING! model: @galamartinez #summerhack #sunburn #fypシ #fy

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