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As Tampa weather forecasters pour over the new data that came in at 11am this morning, it seems that Tropical Storm Elsa has slowed down so any impacts to our area will start more on Tuesday than Monday.  That’s good news for Lightning fans… imagine the power going out in the 3rd!? It’s also good news for those going out to the big fireworks events tonight like the big one in Clearwater.

The National Hurricane Center has issued a Tropical Storm Warning for parts of the Florida Keys.    Greg Dee from ABC Action News says winds have dropped down to 60 miles per hour, but that the forecast track hasn’t changed much from previous updates.  That keeps the Tampa Bay area in the cone.  Projections in his update below show that the Tampa area will likely see the worst weather on Wednesday with wind speeds around 6o miles per hour.  That’s not a hurricane, but a Tropical Storm can still wreak havoc.

Forecasters agree that they don’t have enough information yet to make a certain call on Elsa’s route. Dee says Elsa is starting to look better organized and he’s watching to see how much intensity it gains as it heads toward Cuba.  He says this could be key in determining how much of an impact Elsa will have on the Tampa area.

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