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Carly Pearce got the surprise of her life when Dolly Parton extended an invitation to be a member of the Grand Ole Opry last week.

Still beaming from the moment and the fact that she’s now a part of the Opry, Carly told us today (6/25), “That was the greatest day of my life so far, for sure.” She also noted, “I just am still piecing all the things together because only I know what I was feeling when that was all going down, and it’s so cool to have it documented.”

After the camera stopped, Carly shared a sweet moment with the country icon. She recalled, “I had tears everywhere and snot everywhere because I was crying and she walked over to me, and she had her new perfume in her hand, and she said, ‘Honey, do want some of my perfume’ and then she goes, ‘Smell my neck,’ and I was like, ‘Dolly I have just cried for the last twenty minutes I am afraid I’m gonna snot on you.'”

Then Parton reiterated with Carly about doing the Opry for fifty years and how excited she was to welcome her into the Opry family.

Pearce also admitted that she has watched and rewatched the Opry invite video “several times.”

Dolly Parton Always Smiling