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Check out the video below and take a look inside The OCC Roadhouse that opened Friday(June 25th) at 10575 49th Street North in Clearwater. If you’re a fan of the cable TV show “American Chopper,” you’ll probably want to check it out. The motorcycle-themed restaurant run by American Chopper star Paul John Teutul has lots of the bikes you’ve seen on the show. A merchant marine during the Vietnam War, Teutul first appeared on the show with his sons almost 20 years ago. He now lives part-time on a farm in Brooksville, according to Channel 13.

Among the food choices on their website are tater tot poutine, frog legs, Mexican street corn, brisket pizza, steak, fish, and ribs. And from the bar, you can enjoy a “Burning Chopper” or a “Duck Fart.” Uh, yummy? Hehehe. Can’t wait to check it out myself this weekend.

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