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There’s a psychiatrist in Florida coining a new term, Cave Syndrome. He says it’s not an official diagnosis. But, it makes sense for anyone who may be anxious about being around people again. I have witnessed somebody literally “have a quick little panic” when a crowd quickly became shoulder to shoulder.

His name is Dr. Arthur Bregman. He says, “I’ve seen patients who are locked in their room at home” while conducting telemedicine calls “and they’re wearing a mask,”

The doctor also notes there is a way to help deal with “Cave Syndrome”. He suggests being mindful about the things that make you nervous, and also about the reasons you loved going out before the pandemic – concerts,  family dinners, fun events big and small.

Some experts are not fans of the new term, and admit a little anxiety after any traumatic event is normal. Totally, normal. Their concern is the “term” suggest people have a “syndrome” or
“disorder” and we don’t need more of those, now. Do we?

Source: CNN HERE 


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