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First, this is not a baby. This is a full-sized Hammerhead shark. Fun facts: Baby hammerheads are called pups. Hammerhead mommies can give birth to up to 50 babies at once. Groups of these sharks are called a school or shoal. The bigger a female hammerhead, the more pups she will have in one litter.

The viral video shows a large Hammerhead thrashing in the water just off shore, in no more than a few inches of water. Two Floridian women took the video after the shark got very close to them as they waded in the shallow waves. The hammerheads feed off of tarpon and stingrays at about this time of year.

Heads up! Experts say to exit the water immediately if you see schools of tarpon, as the sharks are probably not far behind. They also say to avoid swimming at night, when sharks can’t tell if you’re food or not. It’s also a bad idea to wear brightly colored swimsuits, as they can see them from very far away.

You should also not wear shiny jewelry while swimming and avoid an area where people are actively fishing.

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